New Addition!

We have been having an exciting time around the Weaver house.  Our daughter Nikki went into labor six weeks early and delivered us a brand new tiny little girl!  Amelia Grace made her entrance in grand fashion.  Emergency C-section, then a fancy ride to the big children’s hospital in Savannah! All is well, Amelia spent 2 weeks in the NICU, but is home with us before the Christmas holiday.

While Nikki was off delivering Amelia, Caden caught the flu.  Meme and Pop took excellent care of him and nursed him back to good health fast.  He enjoyed sleeping with Meme and making Pop sleep in the guestroom. I am just thankful that no one else got the flu.

Last night was New Year’s eve and we had a great time.  We are a little unconventional in our celebrating, dinner at 7, fireworks at 8, and bedtime by 10.  Gabe made a big fire in the firepit and we toasted in the new year with Sunny D, and popcorn. Great family times! Happy New Year to all!